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No playtime=frustrated Pole’r Bear

No matter how much we love pole dancing — and lets get real, we LOVE pole dancing — training can be truly frustrating and disheartening. A bad day or week might even leave us feeling like pole dance just isn’t “for” us. A lot of the time, it’s because we’ve forgotten the positive power of playtime.

There’s still hope!

The reality is that pole is for anyone who wants to do it. There are no size or age or fitness requirements. The only requirement is that you want to do it.

When training starts to get you down, you need to give yourself a break. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It may help to remind yourself that even pole-brities have off days and weeks. Pole is a tremendously physical endeavor, and any time you ask your body on a regular basis to perform hard work, you’re bound to have days where it just says “nope.”

Have you noticed that social media posts from pole competitors around competition time often read something like this?

“Took a break from competition training to just MOVE. Boy did that feel good!”

Or this?

“Post-competition freestyle to decompress. I love being able to do what made me fall in love with pole in the first place…..movement.”

The pros know what the rest of us know but won’t admit to ourselves: all pole and no play makes for an unhappy poler!

The next time you’re in a training slump, drop everything, put on some fun music that always get you, and spend five minutes just moving around. Don’t worry about what you’re doing, or whether it looks “good.” Just MOVE. Be silly. Be ultra dramatic. Slide around.

Your body and brain will thank you for the breather!
Now get out there and PLAY. And happy poling!

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