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Not too long ago, we received a message from Virginia Ranson.  This was a name we were familiar with as we have corresponded withVirginia in the past.  But this time, it was not on the happiest of occasions.  This time, she shared with us a photo of a move that she calls Sky Reacher.  One that she found herself doing shortly after her grandfather passed away.  Virginia asked us to officially name this move.  Well, UPA may not be the official namers of pole moves, but heck, it seems any one these days can call any pole move what they want.  So we told her we’d do one better for her.

We interviewed Virginia and asked her what this move and pole dancing meant to her during this difficult time.  On behalf of Virginia and United Pole Artists, we ask you to read about her recent trials and ask that you call this move the Sky Reacher too.  You can see in this picture that her hands are not reaching for the sky, but her heart is.

The “Sky Reacher”

UPA: When was it that your grandfather passed away?

VR: He passed away the last 14th of September, 2014. He had a stroke while sleeping one week before, and simply never woke up.

UPA: Were you very close to him?

VR: I was attached to him, yes. He had a larger than life personality, he was an intellectual and an artist. As a kid, I was more interested in his paintings, sculptures and all the treasures hidden in his house than his actual cultural profile and I probably didn’t truly understand him. Growing up, and especially since I moved to Canada from Italy 3 years and half ago, I discovered a deep love and respect for him, and to my family in general. They say, you can’t realize how much you care about something until you lose it, and leaving my family behind, made me realize how true this is.

UPA: Did he know about your pole dancing?

VR: I started pole dancing about 3 years ago, and I do think my father or my aunt tried to explain it to him…I don’t think he really understood what kind of dancing I was doing, but I know he was happy that I was doing something creative, with passion. And he was blind the last years of his life, so he never had the chance to actually see any video of picture of me.

UPA: Tell us what the Sky Reacher means to you.

VR: At first it might seem to refer to some sort of religious meaning or figure, to an angel, for example. But for me it has more to do with how we should never quit expressing ourselves in whatever way we chose to do so. There are no limits to creativity, not even the sky. And what makes you strange and different today, might become what will be missed of you tomorrow. Some people might think that is not appropriate to “dedicate” a pole dance move to my departed grandfather, and that’s fine with me, but that is exactly the legacy he left me. Be yourself and do not be afraid or ashamed of it.

Left: Sister, Right: Virginia, Center: Grandfather

UPA: How did pole dancing help you during your time of grief?  

VR: It helped me to be able to lose myself into dancing, even if for brief moments. There was no trick or choreography but only the music, my body and a pole. I did not care about lines, or how it would look like. I just went with the flow and did what my emotions said to my body to do, which it is liberating. I was also teaching full time during those days and as much as it was hard to put myself together to actually get to work, it helped me a big deal. The students in the studio were I work (Voguefit, in Winnipeg) are wonderful and the fun atmosphere kept me grounded and in a happier place I wouldn’t have been able to be if it wasn’t for them. And my extended pole family too, they were awesome and supportive. They made me feel so much loved with flowers, messages and skype calls. I felt very lucky and I still do.

Pole Talk on UPA

We’d like to thank Virginia Ranson for sharing her story and part of her life with us.  We wish her the best in life moving forward and hope that she will continue to find passion in pole dancing. 

If you have a story you would like to share with us, you can write to me personally on Pole Talk on  We would love to hear your story of how pole dancing has helped you in the past or present.   ~ Annemarie Davies (AMD)

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