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A little something for those of us who are …. ahem …. “mature” dancers. 

I plan to be pole dancing until I can no longer move. 

Who hopes to be whooping it up on the pole for another few decades? This dancer, that’s who! 

In order to do that, I need to follow a few key rules.  In truth, these probably apply to all dancers young and old, but hey — I needed a theme. ;D

  1. Take breaks. I’m not 23, and even though I’m in the best shape of my life right this minute, recovery is simply not quite the smooth sail it once was. My body needs breaks, so it doesn’t … ummmm, break. 
  2. Listen to my body. This seems like a given … yet many of us (me included) have trouble following it. I push longer and harder than I really should. Form and technique inevitably slip as you become tired. 
  3. Train for the work I’m doing so I can do it smartly and with good technique. That means a mixture of weight training, cardio, and flexibility. Yes, I said flexibility. My ongoing nemesis. Le sigh. 
  4. Eat for the work I’m doing! Garbage in, garbage out. Truth. 
  5. Good and safe technique above all else. Skipping the mat or spotter for the first time trying a death-defying move? Nah. I see a lot of comments about not using them, like polers think they’re somehow a cop-out. Really? I don’t get that at all.
  6. Don’t forget what got me started in pole. I love the femininity. The sensuality. The ownership of my body and my womanness. Those things will remain long after my ability to do a shoulder mount has waned. 

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