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Pole dancing came into my life pretty late. I took my first class at the very end of 2008 (it may even have been early 2009), when I was 37 years old. Wow, that makes me feel so old when I type it out! No matter–pole has taught me that age matters a lot in some things and not at all in others. Pole life means balance of all sorts.

About a year after my first class, I started teaching. I was still a beginner in the larger scheme of the pole world, but I already loved helping dancers to take their first whirl around a pole!

Now, five years later, I’m still dancing, still teaching, and still loving every second of it. I have never known such a supportive group of people as pole dancers. They lift me up (figuratively and literally!), drive me, cheer me on, commiserate with me when I’m frustrated, and inspire me to be a better dancer, a better instructor, a better student, and a better person.

Believe me, the men and women I’ve met through pole dancing are well worth any superlative I might be inclined to use to describe them. Would we have crossed paths were it not for pole? Probably not, and that makes me even more grateful for this wondrous world of pole dance.

Lest anyone think my pole life has been all kittens and rainbows, I’ll say it hasn’t been without literal blood, sweat, and tears. I’m still wagging my finger at myself over a few things I brought upon myself because of sheer stubbornness.  :-/

But this post is mostly about gratitude, and boy, do I have a LOT of that! I’m in better shape than ever, even though I’m now at a ripe old 42-almost-43. I have an amazing husband, fantastic friends, and I get to spend time each week doing something I love to do, with women I love. I call that having a great life!

Think about it!

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