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Pole Basics: LEG HANGS

Note: these videos are NOT intended to be a substitute for hands-on instruction. They represent a safe way to work on basic inverted positions BEFORE you are ready to try them in the air. If you do not feel secure in these positions while lying on the floor, do NOT try them in the air without a spotter and a crash mat!

How solid are your leg hangs? Can you get into one without fiddling or fidgeting once you’re upside down? Once you’re in position, do you feel secure enough to remove your hands? If the answer is “Yes, every single time” then this post may not be a huge revelation for you. 🙂

But… if you answered “Eh, most of the time” or “Hardly ever” then check out the videos below, pole friends. This is a video follow-up to a post series I did about learning inverted moves from the floor first for safety. I am a huge fan of working as much from the floor as possible before you catch any air. Working from the floor allows you to feel the differences in slight position changes and what those differences do in terms of your body mechanics and grip. And you can feel those differences without the added pressure of knowing your head is the first thing to hit the floor if you don’t get it right.

Basic inversions

Video one is about basic inversions/AKA inverted crucifix/AKA bat. This one is all about learning how to grip and hold with your ankles, shins, and knees. Try as much as possible to keep your thighs out of the mix. If you get too used to having your thighs do all the holding, certain moves like butterfly and caterpillar/caterpillar climb will be so much more difficult.

Inside/outside leg hangs

Video two is about leg hangs–a continuation of video one. 🙂

The importance of position in outside leg hang

Video three is about how to get that sometimes elusive outside leg hang placement and leg positioning. Close the angle!

You can have fun with floor leg hangs during freestyles, too, without any intention of going up into the air. Experiment a little. Play around. You might discover some cool new shapes!

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