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How many times have you put off a pole session because you were too busy or too tired? We live in a hurry-scurry world — there’s so much rushing from one thing to the next that it can be easy to forget that we need to recharge ourselves from time to time. If we allow ourselves to become too run down and run around we lose our ability to take care of ourselves or those we love.

The #findingyourfreestyle challenge that’s been going around has made me think of the idea of doing what you love and loving what you do. Several pro polers have mentioned specifically how FANTASTIC it is to be able to freestyle for a few minutes, to just do whatever comes to mind and body. No one doubts for a minute that they’re doing what they love to do … but no matter how much you love something, when it becomes 100% work, when you don’t get “play” time, you start to feel stale and caged.

Take the time to do what you love.

MAKE the time to do what you love.

You are not taking away from others when you make time for yourself.

I’ll repeat that. It’s important.

You are NOT taking away from others when you make time for yourself. 

Dance. Sweat. Be there for yourself. Be in the music. Be in the moment. Be in the trick. Be in the pose. Challenge your body. Challenge your mind. 

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