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Most of us do pole in part because it’s a fun, allover workout. But it’s common for pole dancers to supplement their pole time with other exercises, whether at the gym or at home. Here are three great core workouts you can do for your pole rest days, or days you don’t go to the studio. Or heck…..for non-rest days! More core, woohoo! 😉

1) Planks. Planks are incredible things (I will readily admit though that I haaaaate doing them.). They work so many muscle groups, from shoulders to core (back and abs!) to legs. And you can make ’em longer, or shorter, of change them up by incorporating knee taps, crunches, side bends, etc. Planks are here to stay!

2) Hollow body. This isolation/hold does wonders for your core strength — when done PROPERLY. Because the technique is so important to the effectiveness of this exercise, it’s a good idea to get some eyes on the ground the first few times you do these, just to make sure you’re using all the goods in the right way.

3) Floor superman. Holy moly, this exercise will kick your back muscles into shape but good! When you do this exercise, really concentrate on using your back muscles to contract and isolate–it’s very easy to use your neck and butt, which can a) strain your neck and b) not really work the muscles you’re interested in.  So there you have it! Getting your core into tip-top shape doesn’t have to mean endless crunches. And all you need is a floor and some motivation, so why not get going?

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