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You wouldn’t lift weights on just one arm, so why do some of us train on only one side on the pole?  It’s because once we find something that feels right, we stick with it.  You want to look good doing what you’re doing on the pole.  You want to feel smooth, strong and flexible.  It’s already such a challenge to get that shoulder mount, the clean inside leg hang, and the perfect Ayesha.  But what if when you’re learning, you practice each side equally?  Imagine how much smoother you would be on the pole.  The possibilities would be endless.

Let me tell you about my personal experience on how I did not train on both sides.  Back in the day, when I first started pole dancing, it was in the strip club.  When I saw the amazing things the other dancers were doing, I was mesmerized.  Almost immediately I began testing things out.  There were no classes, there was no help, spotting or guidance from the other dancers.  In fact, the better I got, the less the other dancers liked me.  They had no interest in helping me.

So you can imagine what it was like perfecting my inside leg hang.  I was convinced that my Tibula was going to break.  But if the other girls did it without breaking their leg, then I could too.  So I pushed myself, learned new tricks.  Even taught myself a Jade Split.  After all that hard work, I couldn’t imagine pushing through the pain on the other side.

My Beautiful Inside Leg Hang

 It wasn’t until six years after poling did I take any classes.  I finally found other polers that wanted to learn from me and teach me. By then, I was heavily training and tricking on one side.

But, still back in the day, before certification programs, training programs, information or blogs like this one, I continued to train on one side.  So, now here I am, thirteen years later and I’m still on that same side.  Now I’m experiencing pain in my right hip.  This has been acting up for the last year.  It wasn’t until last night, when I popped into my beautiful, perfect right leg hang, that I realized why my hip has been hurting.  Now I can’t stop thinking about what I’ve done to my body.

This is a warning to you, a reminder, a message to the new polers, Train Both Sides!  Start now, start yesterday.  Studio owners, maybe dedicate a class to just training the opposite side.  And oh, yeah, it should be called the Opposite Side, not Bad Side.  Never say Bad Side.  Because if you train equally, both sides are good.  Starting this week, I will be training my opposite side.  It’s that serious for me.  It’s either that or damage my body for good.

Tell me, will you be training your Opposite Side?  🙂

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