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UPA and MindBody have come together to make the life of the small business owner a bit easier.  MindBody is an on-line scheduling system for your business.  Complete with on-line booking, a point of sales system, scheduling and more!  If you are a new business starting up and need this type of program, MB is the way to go.  They are the largest and most respected company in their field.

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As the pole industry has grown, we have seen other businesses grow along side of it.  Although MindBody has its foot in the door with several other types of industries, the majority of pole dance studios in the world use this software.  Because they are a trusted brand and UPA is a trusted source of information in the community, it made sense for our two companies to partner. UPA and MindBody     On May 21, 2015, UPA and MB hosted a free webinar together.  If you want to learn some tips on how to keep new and old clients engaged and coming back, this is a webinar for you! Follow this link to watch (you will have to register with the site to watch):

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