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We have upped our game!

UPA is stepping into its role as a global platform for pole community.  

By now, a lot of you have been seeing messages from United Pole Artists, mostly on Instagram regarding sponsored post opportunities. What are we up to over here?  The answer is big things! We want to share it with you.

UPA is evolving into a global community platform that inspires, educates and connects polers. Now in our tenth year we are more fully stepping into this new role. This means new opportunities for everyone.

With all the eyes on UPA and our massive reach, and with polers first and foremost on our minds, we have developed some new programs.

We have a paid post system to help polers that want to pole as a full time career. Increasing your visibility as a poler is key!  Even if you’re just getting started, we can help you. Not only will your paid posts be seen by hundreds of thousands of pole enthusiasts, we have the capability of connecting you with some of the top name pole stars in the industry.  You can do as little as have us repost your story for $50.00.

For polers and pole businesses looking to truly develop their builds to serve our community,  we have monthly membership options to fully support you. Wherever you’re at! And in an industry where everyone is fighting to get to the top, this could be a real advantage for you.

Membership offers you reposts, stories on our website, live stream interview opportunities and even private one on one consultations with Pro-Polers including Marion Crampe, Nadia Sharif and more.  

We know this is a big change!  Our goal is to connect all of you with each other, help you reach your milestones and give more polers and businesses the opportunity to pursue a career in the field they LOVE!

Are you a Pro Poler reading this and would like an opportunity to get paid to consult with other aspiring Pro Polers?  Write to us to inquire EMAIL

See list of current consultants here.

Are you Pole Business looking to get more out of your advertising than just Facebook and Instagram?  We can help you have more organic and industry targeted posts and ads without seeming spammy. EMAIL


Are you a Baby Poler wanting to learn more, grow and be seen more by our community?  See our Kits below and tell us what you want. Join other polers and businesses who have taken the leap and see the value. EMAIL


Want to become more visible to the pole community? See our Media Kit for more info…

Ready to take your pole career or pole business to the next level? Become an Inner Circle Member. See our Member Kit for more info…



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