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Getting out of your own way

One of life’s biggest road blocks that keeps us from moving forward is ourselves.  Taking chances, going against the norm is scary.  It takes a lot of self talk and examining the possibilities of living a life you love to take the leap.  What is it that you say to yourself?  How are you standing in your own way?  Talk to others that have been in your shoes and find comfort and perspective.  

Coming out to friends and family about pole

Depending on your background or culture, this can still be a difficult thing to discuss with family, friends and even co-workers and bosses.  These coaches know how you feel.  They will have the advice that could make this an easier transition.

Competing in pole

Are you competing or want to compete? Maybe you really want to improve your ranking or get over the voice in your head and just do it. The coaches that specialize in this area know what judges are looking for. They also have experience in either competing in or judging several types of pole competitions. Their insight could lead you to your next big win.

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Taking care of the body

Let’s face it, pole dancing can be tough on the body.  Want to maintain longevity?  These coaches are EXPERTS in that field.  Very rarely injured with a long lasting career, they know what’s best.  Your body is your greatest asset when living as a pole athlete, taking care of it is key.

Up your social media game

Social media is a mind bleep these days.  Learn how to keep your head above water, get the followers, keep from being shadowbanned and how to get your ads approved.  

Performance Pole

Performing in showcases, pop ups or clubs is very different than performing at a competition.  You have more creative freedom, it tends to be more freestyle based.  How do you make your performance stand out?  How and where to get hired?  Ask these coaches…

Want to create your own event?  Visit our Brand/Studio Site to set up a consultation. 

Becoming an instructor

Where to even begin, yeah?  There are so many options these days, traveling, online, youtube, local studios… How do you do it, how do you maintain your own creativity when giving away so much of your own energy?  They’ve been there!

Becoming a traveling instructor

Being a traveling instructor is quite different than being an instructor in your home town.  You have to know where to go, who to talk to, what studios offer workshops.  What is necessary at the border when working and traveling, how to stay under budget with food and lodging.  The list of things to know goes on and on.  These polers have traveled the earth several times over as instructors.  They have all the pointers. 

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Improve your classroom atmosphere

Getting stale?  Bored with yourself?  Time for new ideas, yeah?  We’ve all been there as it’s a challenge giving so much of yourself all the time.  Get some ideas and tips on how to re-energize your classroom.

Want to open your own studio?  Visit our Brand/Studio Site to set up a consultation. 

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