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Every year, United Pole Artists chooses a Pro-Poler of the Year.  This was always based on the persons contribution to the pole dance industry and not on their actual talents in pole dancing. This year, an individual stood out very high amongst the other candidates and for the first time, this award will go to a man.  Jack Gaffney is that man.  Because he is not a poler, the Pro-Poler Award’s name is being changed to Industry Pro of the Year.  We recognize as our sport and dance gets bigger as time goes on, there may be other contributors like Jack that are not and were not pole dancers themselves.  Hence, the new name, Industry Pro of the Year!  Below is Jack’s bio along with words from one of his long time friend’s and now employee, Mina Mortezaie.  Join us in congratulating UPA’s newest Industry Pro of the Year and CEO of Bad Kitty, Jack Gaffney! Jack GaffneyJack Gaffney is CEO and co-founder of the Bad Kitty Inc. the creators of the PoleFit® line of active wear the first of its kind dedicated to the Pole Fitness/Dance lifestyle.  Bad Kitty® services customers in 70 countries around the world and sponsors 30 of the Top athletes in the sport and hundreds of events including the Pole Sport Organization.  Prior to Bad Kitty®, Mr. Gaffney served as Executive Vice President of a business incubation firm where he was directly involved in the build out and successful launch of several start-up companies.  Mr. Gaffney began his business career and spent 17 years  in the financial services industry in numerous roles. Such roles including founder and CEO of Global Development Services, a consulting firm to hedge funds and top tier financial institutions.  Jack was also the lead consultant to Milberg Weiss regarding Mutual Fund class action cases as a result of the 2002 Mutual Fund Scandal.

“Jack Gaffney has been a keyinfluencer in the pole community.

From his very first introduction to pole dancing, he realized the great strength, beauty and power in this sport and it’s many potentials.  With an extensive background in business on Wall Street, Jack left the suit and tie world to create a brand he was passionate about along with his finance and partner in crime, Trisha Stone.  Jack takes great care in every decision he makes for his company and believes in empowering people to do their best.  He has created something more than a clothing brand, more like an empire of united women who stand for everything pole dancing is about.  This is seen not only in the Bad Kitty® Brand Ambassadors that have been hand selected for their Jack Gaffneycontributions to the community, but also with every employee he has hired.  They don’t think of themselves as colleagues, they refer to each other as family.  Bad Kitty® stands for great family values and integrity in every move the company makes. Jack seeks to show the world not only the physical benefits of our sport, but the mental benefits and emotional connections pole can bring.  Bad Kitty® PoleFit® is the Original Pole Wear Brand and has set the standard for clothing that can meet the rigorous demands on a dancers bodies on the pole.  Jack makes sure that every piece of clothing goes through in depth beta testing with real pole dancers.  He is constantly thinking of new ways to make this industry better.  For this reason, and many others, Jack has been chosen as UPA’s Industry Pro of the Year.  Please join us in saluting Jack Gaffney for his great efforts in helping make the pole industry what it is today.  Thank you, Jack!” ~ Mina Mortazaie  

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