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You may have heard that UPA is starting to live stream in more places.  Well, yes, this is true.  We have been training our people in different parts of the world to help bring you more live streams.  We have been conducting a series of tests at different events.  Some of these tests have been private to the UPA team only.  This weekend, we are testing to the public at the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships.

We did also attempt a test in Dublin at Pole Theatre Ireland today as well.  However, that test failed.  The internet was not strong enough to handle the stream.  The Ireland test was a last minute decision and was not meant to be shared as a public announcement by anyone but us first.  If if did go well, we were going to share the link with you all last minute as a nice surprise.  We never announced publicly that we were live streaming this event because we were unsure of the situation we were walking into at that venue in particular.

When we do live stream we will announce it to you on all of our social media platforms, our newsletters and they will be listed boldly on all of our websites,, and  All of our live streams that are public will be clearly listed on  Be sure to follow us to get accurate information on our schedules and upcoming events.

Instagram: @UPArtists, Twitter: @UPArtists, Facebook:

One of the things we would like to share with you is that we are dealing with new technology and are learning new things.  It’s been an interesting journey, but one that we are excited to embark on.  Our goal is to bring you more live streams and at a reasonable price for event producers.  With our new system that we’ve been testing, we feel closer to that than ever.  With that being said, as we grow, we ask that you support us with kindness and patience.  Live streaming is not easy, in fact it is quite difficult and many things are in play.  We have to prep many things and because we are always at different venues, our variables are different and we have to figure out new bugs.  We also are working on a budget, so until we have hundreds of thousands of dollars, we have to work with what we have.  But we are doing our best to make it so, to make the streams better and to give you more pole dancing.  Keep in mind that when live streams don’t work properly, we are most likely more upset than you about it.  We thank those of you who have been our cheerleaders and champions of support.

Here’s to the future of pole and making it so more people can watch in real time.  🙂

~ Annemarie Davies (Founder and CEO of United Pole Artists and

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