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An open letter to the women of pole, from me, on this #WCW woman crush Wednesday:

Every single day you do things that amaze me.

Your fierceness and determination to bend that last inch or nail your nemesis frequently move me to tears. You are some bad-ass ladies. You’re strong and capable and sexy and gorgeous and fantastic daredevils. And I am not alone in this feeling. I read similar statements from other polers. I hear conversations at the studio. I see the comments on social media.

So why do you pooh-pooh your achievements so much? A sampling of what I’ve read or heard in the past month:

  • Please don’t mind the jiggly bits!
  • I know it’s not as pretty as when [insert name of superstar poler here] does it.
  • I hate my tummy [the most-often maligned body part by far], don’t look at the rolls!
  • This probably isn’t impressive to most of you … but I was proud of it.
  • I can see my thigh skin pulling, though. Ugh. 🙁
  • I wasn’t going to post this because of how I look in it.

Come. ON. Stop it!

Think back to the first time you saw someone pole dancing. Did you notice if their tummy had an extra roll? Did you notice if there were “jiggly bits”?? Did you look and think “meh, I’m not impressed, that looked like a pretty basic spin pass”??? My guess is you were too busy picking your jaw up off the floor to think any of those things. And imagine if that person had avoided posting the video or picture because of self-hate or self-consciousness. You may not have discovered pole. You may not have fallen in love with it. You may not have become the complete and utter pole bad-ass that you are today! I don’t care if your most advanced movement is a pole sit or a fonji. I don’t care at ALL if you can do or hold an iron x. And really . . . unless you’re competing, neither does anyone else.

What do we care about?

Joy. Pride. Strength. Confidence. FUN.

Yours truly, Gina


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