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PDL’s = Pole Downloads Pole Downloads are short instructional videos for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The idea came to me when I was thinking of ways for my company to make money and for other polers to make money. It all ties in with why I started UPA in the first place – to be a large part of the development of pole as we move into the main stream and to help polers benefit from their passion, love, and art. I’m going to tell you about this as if I were sitting across the table from you, as a friend. I’ve already done so with a select few pole dancers. But I decided, I need to do this with all of you, right now.

How Pole Downloads (PDL’s) began…

So, I took a look at what is happening in our industry. It seemed that there were a lot of DVD’s for sale. But I was thinking to myself, “When was the last time I bought a DVD of anything?” and the answer was…. well, I just couldn’t remember. Next, I noticed that there are demo videos of new moves on Youtube and Facebook. I don’t know about you, but when watch those videos to learn something new, I might watch it a million times and maybe be lucky if accomplished. This is because it was just simply a demo with no instruction.  Where was her hand?  How did she twist?… etc.  Now, let’s talk about our fast paced society. Look at Instagram, so popular. That’s because it’s short! I put  all of this together and asked myself, how can UPA make money? How can other pole dancers make money? Thus, PDL’s were born. Like a light bulb, something in my head just clicked on. Short videos, with the instructor talking to you, for the price of an itunes song. They make money, UPA makes money, the student learns the trick quickly and safely. They can download them and keep them forever, watch them on any device. Keep a library of tutorials from all different types of instructors all over the world. They can learn in different languages. They can go back and review tricks over time. NOTE: Anyone who can fluently speak a different language has a distinct advantage. The majority of instructional videos available in our industry  are in English. Here is a preview of one of Nadia Sharif’s PDL’s.

The instructor can make money while they sleep.

Once you upload a video and it sells, the instructor continues to profit for as long as it sells, long after the work of filming and uploading the video is over. It’s so easy, it’s a structure that already that we are familiar with. This is like iTunes for pole dancers. The difference, it’s pole dance instruction, not music.

Here are some questions I’ve encountered so far. I’d like to answer them for you here before you ask them yourself.  Pole Downloads

Q: What about people downloading PDL’s then sharing them? A: That would be the same type of issue other companies who sell downloads would encounter. But they’re still in business. Not only that, it is not too often that a person comes to me and asks me to send them a song that I bought on itunes because they don’t want to spend the $1.29. Right? Like, buy it yourself! Q: How about if I want to teach workshops? If I sell instruction on line, would they want to come to my workshops? A: Let’s use B&Ptv as an example. They have full class downloads on-line and their studio is still sold out. Michelle Stanek teaches workshops all over the world even though she teaches 90 minute workshops on-line with B&Ptv on Q: Why would people buy PDL’s if there are so many free videos on-line? A: The difference between free demos on-line is that the instruction is missing. Wouldn’t you rather learn the trick efficiently and safely for two bucks then spending an hour or more trying to teach yourself by watching the video over and over again? Now, I know that the price point is low, and after the profit sharing it’s even lower. This is not a get rich quick thing. This is a big picture idea. Some instructors out there have tens of thousands of views, maybe more, on their videos. Could you imagine if everyone of those videos had about 5% of people purchase a short instructional download?   Just some food for thought. How it works… Pole DownloadsFor instructors: Film yourself teaching a trick, a stretch technique, a training exercise. Talk to your behind the camera audience. Use your phone, ipad, laptop or any type of camera. Upload the video to UPA just like you would to facebook or youtube. Get approved and start promoting. Start making money   Pole Downloads   For students: Put the desired video(s) in your cart. Make your purchase. Download your PDL(s). Watch the tutorial. Learn something new. Keep it forever and review later.   If you have any questions, you can ask me. If you want to learn more about the exact details of how to submit a PDL, visit this link: If you want to peruse what we have available now, visit this link: We have created an opportunity for all pole dancers here, to learn, to instruct, to make some extra money and spread the knowledge in a safe manner. NOTE: We review all videos to make sure that the instruction you are giving and receiving is safe. I hope that you like this idea and that you take advantage of it. It is free for instructors to upload. You simply have to be a subscriber to UPA, which is also FREE. You don’t need to spend money on building your own site. Or, this could be a way for you to make and save money to build your own site. The possibilities are endless! If you have any comments regarding this, we would love to hear from you. This is for you, for us as a whole. So any ideas, comments or criticism is welcome. We would like to thank our first PDL instructors for believing in this program from the beginning. Lisa Lush, Sergia Louise Anderson, Mina Mortezaie and Nadia Sharif. AMD   ~ Annemarie Davies

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