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This is a controversial activity, isn’t it? This pole dancing thing that we do. In a recent blog post by UPA’s Irmingard Mayer (click here to read) she mentions the National Union of Students (NUS) in the UK that certainly think so. The NUS released a packet of information to those involved in their group, stating that “there are growing concerns around these societies (pole fitness groups) being used as a potential recruiting ground by strip clubs and about their role in contributing the increasing normalisation of the sexual objectification of women.” Yikes! That’s harsh. It was always apparent to those involved in pole dancing that what we are doing is edgy and different, but being told that we are “increasing normalisation of the sexual objectification of women”? Well! I never!
Thanks to the Pole Dance Fitness and Pole Dance Survey, we were able to determine that 75.5% of pole dancers attended universities or college any where from 2 – 8 or more years. That is a staggering amount! Now, only 10% of pole dancers performed in a strip club. What does that say about college students as opposed to strip club workers, as opposed to pole dancing. I think it means that college students love pole dancing a lot more than they like stripping. So, NUS, what do you have to say now?
As you know, calling for rallies and celebrations is kinda our thing. Let’s show the NUS and the rest of the world that pole dancing does belong in colleges, universities and just about anywhere else for that matter. We are not ashamed and we are NOT sex work recruiters! We want to see you on your poles, in your college gear or at your college with a banner or logo in the background. Send us your pics and show us your school spirit! Even if you have graduated already, send us your pics wearing an old t-shirt, hoodie or sports shorts. Tape a flag to your tummy, paint your face with your school colors, be creative!
Many universities offer dance in their curriculum, they have other sports and activities that they support, why not pole dancing? United Pole Artists declares this February, the rest of the month asUni Spirit Month. Let’s see how many of you are out there, how many of you want to see pole dancing in colleges?
Let’s take this lemon and make delicious, mouthwatering lemonade with it and then let’s add some vodka!
Post your college pictures on or send them All pictures will go into an album and will be made public. Tell us how you feel about pole dancing in colleges by adding a comment here. (Leave comments on blog post, click here)

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