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My time on the dance floor isn’t always about beauty. When I’m training hard, I’m pretty sure my funky feet and silly faces could tell another story. Or could they? There’s a sort of beauty in pushing my body to see just what magical things it’s capable of … isn’t there? When I think about the moments in dance when I’ve felt the most beautiful, they dont always correspond to moments like this: 
Nope. Sometimes I feel utterly spectacular when there’s sweat dripping off my face, when I’m trying hard to remember to breathe my way through a move, when my legs and arms and shoulders feel like noodles. Because these are the everyday moments, the ones that lead to the other moments. 
I feel beautiful when I’m lost in music. I often record myself, and it’s easy to tell when I’m really, truly feeling a freestyle piece. My body moves without any thought of what to do next, because it knows that the music will tell it what to do. 
I feel beautiful when I strap on my heels and suddenly my legs are several inches longer and everything looks lean and muscular and my posture automatically improves. (Vain? Maybe! Still true!)
What are the things that make you feel the most beautiful when you’re dancing? 

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