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Written by Shayne Evans It’s almost a case of ‘Where’s Waldo.’ In this case, it’s “Where Are the Wallers?” Sabrina and Gary Waller were the event organizer’s of the cancelled Australian Pole Cap & Convention, which was to be held in Sydney, Australia this past January.   Since the cancellation, the Waller’s were in contact with the abandoned poler’s to give a time frame for refunds. The last email received by an attendee was April 16th, 2015. The email stated the following: From: Sabrina Waller <> Date: April 16, 2015 at 9:50:21 PM EDT Subject: APCC

  • Due to the delay although some don’t deserve it due to the affect of their actions and the following affect of timing and capability of refunds there are many who do for their support.  All APCC refunds will receive a 5% interest payment (includes any APCC purchase).
  • This will be backdated to the date of the event.  This does not include any claims through external facilities (which some already have done and are still trying to claim from us – I call that double dipping) meaning Paypal, Bank Credits, Ezi debit etc as this is causing an administrative nightmare the very reason the credit form was put into place.
  • Timing – the 45days was clearly stated from the return of the credit form, however now delayed by the overall affects of the personal attacks as stated above.  Also due to my health the administration has been difficult to manage.  We anticipate at the very latest 60 – 90days from the date of this email.

Since this email, no correspondence has been received from the Waller’s to any of the attendee’s (that I have been aware of). After the cancellation of the event, I have been in contact with many people that the Waller’s have had business dealings with. I will not mention names as this is confidential information and I am protecting the sources. After gathering information I decided to investigate their businesses and companies. What a tangled web you weave when you choose to deceive. PLEASE NOTE – ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW IS PUBLIC INFORMATION THAT IS AVAILABLE TO ANYONE ONLINE. I AM NOT DISCLOSING ANY INFORMATION THAT ISN’T A PUBLIC RECORD I started by searching their business names on The first thing I searched was ABN 51 163 602 542. This took me to their business ‘OUR UNIVERSE PTY LTD’. This is the company that was due to hold the camp. I then went into it deeper and searched on   This gave me a record of all business held under the company name. I came across ‘POLE FEVER STUDIOS WANNEROO.’  This company was de-registered on 31st January 2015. This was during the weeks following the cancellation of the camp. This leaves me with a lot of questions as too why? The timing of the de-registration is quite remarkable. I am not making any assumptions to this, just stating the facts.   where are the wallers I then found another company that is no longer registered called ‘POLESILKS.’ This appears to have had the registration lapse and not renewed.  I also found that another business. This was named ‘PLATINUM STAGES.’ where are the wallers   Where are the wallers I then downloaded an extract of ‘ONE UNIVERSE PTY LTD’ to find out who actually owns the company. The document below shows Gary Waller as the Director of the company. It then shows the shareholders as, Shanelle Waller, Jasmine Waller and Brayden Waller. So Sabrina is not actually an owner of this company image 5 Now to the interesting part. I heard rumors that Gary Waller was declared bankrupt at some stage. I knew this would be a public record if it were the case. I searched the name ‘Gary Waller’ on and it returned a result. The image below shows that Gary was in actual fact declared bankrupt but the National Australia Bank Limited on 5th June 2007. The bankruptcy was discharged on 3rd May 2010. This means he is no longer declared bankrupt where are the wallers So in summary, Sabrina has nothing to do with the company that ran the pole camp. Gary is the Director and was once declared bankrupt. Gary is the one responsible for all the money collected and for all refunds. So where are Gary and Sabrina? I don’t actually know this. The last we heard was Denver, Colorado. This is not a confirmed location though.   I wrote this article to show you the facts of whom you have dealt with. And I reiterate, everything I found was a public record. This is Part IIII of what was an ongoing story. To read more on this story from the beginning, click below to find Part I, II and III.

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