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Mrs. Wright’s Way is still stirring up controversy. What’s that, you haven’t seen the video that is currently setting the world ablaze with its “scandalous” subject matter? Picture this: a gorgeous and graceful woman pole dances, at times directly with her 2-year-old daughter, at other times alone or with her daughter watching. 

It has since been crossposted on BabyCenter, PopSugar, the Daily Mail, and dozens of other sites. 

Screenshot posted at the following source:
What I see: a woman who is showing her daughter there is nothing dirty about female sexuality, who appreciates her body for what it is capable of doing, who interrupts her training here and there to dance skin-to-skin with her daughter. 
And then I read some of the comments on the orginal video — of which there are thousands. The ones I’ve focused on all come from women:
“Well she should have some fucking clothes on her ass in front of her daughter…. ur only teaching her it’s ok to be half naked and dance around a pole and act like a slut yay a hand clap for u…. she’ll be knocked up by 14 very good mommy not”

“How about teaching your daughter to read or count or spell, instill qualities in her that will make her bright and successful? Instead of instilling skills in her that will only benefit her if she needs to degrade herself for money.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t think it is a good look to be swinging on the pole in your undergarments in front of your baby. We already have that stigma and stereotype against us. It might be innocent to you but kids are very impressionable. Again this is my personal opinion and its her child so she is going to do as she pleases.”

“Okay… and how cute thats gonna be when a 4’5’6 year old starts dancing around a street pole outside or at school while you at work and some nasty ass perverted person takes a liking to your baby. Aint gonna be so cute then…. but then you say, ill teach her not to do that….. sorry but children learn what they see”

“Seriously? In todays society, this is good parenting?? Some of you may not have kids…. This is a Damn shame. Do what you have to do to make your money and pay you bills but don’t bring your kids in it and call it ok!!!”
Thankfully there were plenty of positive comments on the video, and — better yet — the positive comments were by far the most elegantly stated. 
I’ll be a mom in five short months, and I won’t be hiding my passion for pole and aerial arts from my kids, not in the slightest. I want them to grow up with eyes that are wide open to the wonderful things in the world, to dancing and being strong and enjoying something with a passion. I want my sons to know that being active is fun. That being strong is fun. That getting the body moving to music is fun. That there are hundreds of physical activities in the world, from walking the dog to pole dancing, and that those activities are measured by personal enjoyment, not by societal mores. 
I hope they won’t be privvy to hearing others, men or women, openly judge their mom as a slut. 
How about we teach what we preach, and go for tolerance? 

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