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It’s official!  Tiff Finney is the winner of the BSB Poster Model Contest!  Her reign begins as of now!  We would like to give a HUGE thank you to all of the participants this year.  And to all of the voters, of which we had over 3,100!  We would also like to say thank until the end of time to Arlene Caffrey, the BSB Poster Model for 2015. A barely known fact about Tiff, last year she got second place in this contest.  She was just three votes away from winning.  So it was not a surprise to us this year that she won! We have already notified Tiff Finney and her response was…. “Wow, I am just full on flabbergasted that I won the BSB Poster Model Contest. I am such a huge fan & thankful that UPA gives us all a platform to #UniteWithSexy each year. From its first year, I have immersed myself in the annual BSB event so for people to like my photo and then take their time to vote for me to actually win is just mega and I am so so grateful. Bloody hell! Tiff Xx” UPA Heart <====To learn more about UPA’s Poster Model Contest, click the heart.  

Improving the BSB Poster Model Contest Process

We mentioned before that we tried a new system, one where the user uploads the information themselves.  Although this was easier for us as far as work load, we noticed that there were somethings that we would like to be slightly different.  Let us know how you felt about the process, good or bad, by leaving a comment below.  We want to hear from you and are always looking to improve.

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