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As this year is coming to a beautiful end, we thought we would give a winner’s tribute to all the great competition music we have heard this last season. What makes an epic performance is not only skill, but the sound that shapes it. These memorable songs come form winners all over the world, in professional and amateur divisions (plus a few from runners up that we just could not forget to include). Lets take a minute to reflect on everyones hard work this past year, tirelessly training, creating and winning titles. Here are the songs you could not get out of your head, or wanted to hear just one more time. UPA recognizes and congratulates everyone’s passionate dedication to pole dancing this past year! Bring on the 2015 training and competitive season! You Need- The Bengsons (Mary Ashton Kolacinski; California Pole Dance Championships) Youth-Daughter (Shaina Cruea; PSO Nationals) Sand- Nathan Lanier (Prana Ottiene; French Pole Championships) Everybody wants to Rule the World- Lorde (Sasja Lee; National Aerial Pole Art) Diferente- Gotham Project (Oona Kivela; World Pole Sports Championships) La Del Ruso- Gotham Project Nuvole Blanche- Ludovico Einaudi (Paulina Zamora; NEAA Art) I’m Alive- Heather Nova (Irmingard Mayer; NEAA Pro) Drunk in Love- Scott Bradlee (Dashiell Berri; PSO Nationals Level 4 runner up) Animal- Janine the Machine Beauty Beats- Beaus Antique (Jaime Wagner; Level 2 PSO Nationals) Joyful Girl (live)- Ani Difranco (Shaina; Florida Pole Fitness Championships) Feelin Good- Bassnector (Gabriella Marra; PSO Nationals Level 2 Dramatic) Stand by Me – KI:Theory (Bendy Kate; World Pole Dance Championships) Papi Pacify- FKA Twigs So Cold (The Good Wife Trailer)- Ben Cocks (Kira Nguyen; Colorado Pole Championships) At Last- Etta James House of Rising Sun- Haley Reinhart (Kennedy Mason; Florida Pole Fitness Championships) Seven Devils- Florence and the Machine (Maggie Anne; Atlantic Pole Championships) Now We are Free (Maximus Mix) – Hans Zimmer (Anna Elise Bowman; Florida Pole Fitness Championships) Find this list and more on UPA’s Spotify!  Click the link below.  Winner's Tribute UPA 2014 Winner’s Tribute Want to see more competitions results? Visit one of our most popular pages: Competition Results.    List compiled by Emily Keith  

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