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World Pole Championship winners: Maria Escalante, Felix Cane, Rafaela Montanaro

Felix Cane held on to her title to win the World Pole Championship for a second year in a row! Second place went to Maria Escalante from Argentina. 3rd place went to October UPA Pro-Poler of the month, Rafaela Montanaro! All three ladies put on an amazing show and are very deserving of their win! Other finalists include: 1. Kulagina Anzhela – Russia 2. Alethea Austin – USA 3. Rafaela Montanaro – Brazil 4. Jenyne Butterfly – USA 1st runner up 2009 (automatic entry) 5. Zoroya Judd – USA 6. Crystal Lai – Canada 7. Alesia Vazmitsel – UK 2nd runner up 2009 (automatically entry) 8. Laurence Hilsum – France 9. Karen Chaundy – United Kingdom 10. Maria Escalante – Argentina 11. Allegra King – Australia 12. Felix Cane 2009 World Champion – Australia (automatic entry) 13. Anastasia Skukhtorova – Russia Congratulations to Felix, Maria, and Rafaela and all the finalists for putting out their best! Click here for photos!

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