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Check out the list of competitors and judges for the World Pole Dance Championships 2011! Female Competitors (list not comprehensive) -Felix Cane ~ Australia -Rafaela Montanaro ~ Brazil -Maria Luz Escalante ~ Argentina Others competitors representing Israel, Iceland, France, Holland, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Belarus, Russia, China, New Zealand, Austria, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea, Ireland Male Competitors (list may not be comprehensive) -Loic Lebret ~ France -Keem Martinez ~ UK -Darren Pritchard ~ UK -Timber Brown ~ USA -Carlos Franca ~ Germany -Nicky Walsh ~ Ireland -Issei ~ Japan -Eugeny Greshilov ~ Russia Doubles Competitors (list may not be comprehensive) -Ana Brito & Cecilia ~ Argentina -Ebfun & Guewi ~ China -Marion & Manuela ~ France -Alina Schmidt & Carlos Franca ~ Germany -Krisztina & Betty ~ Hungary -Barbara & Ilka ~ Hungary -TBA ~ Ireland -Masayo & Kazuya ~ Japan -Chervakova Valentina & Gordienko Olga ~ Russia -Yevgeniya & Yuliya ~ Switzerland -Kate & Kate ~ UK -Penny Howarth & Anna Chisholm ~ UK -TBA ~ USA Prelim Judges -Elisa Maria Di Dhello ~ Italy -Pippa Caesar ~ United Kingdom -Vanessa Costa ~ Brazil -Jennifer Gooch ~ United Kingdom -Fawnia Dietrich ~ USA -Deb Riley ~ United Kingdom -Liz Scolfield ~ USA -Simona Nocco ~ Italy Finals International Judges -Kay Penney – Head Judge ~ United Kingdom -Daniela Baumann ~ Switzerland -Alma Pirner ~ Hungary -Reiko Suemune ~ Japan -Fawnia Dietrich ~ USA -Deb Riley Tricks Syntax Coordinator ~ United Kingdom -Jamilla Deville – Australia

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