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World Pole Dance Day is a chance for polers across the world to raise awareness of pole and to spread some pole love. WPDD is a collaboraton between United Pole Artists and Pole Dance Community. WPDD is celebrated annually on September 30th . WPDD is an inclusive event designed to unite polers from all genres. On or before WPDD please share the WPDD logos on your social media. You can organise your own WPDD event, just visit the website and download your posters and press release guide. Use these hashtags #WPDD #WorldPoleDanceDay What will you do to celebrate WPDD 2019?

Here at UPA, we feel this is the perfect time for all polers to come together to show the world that we all love pole, no matter our background, age, gender or style.  We invite you to celebrate as strippers, the Original Creators of pole dancing, and pole fitness enthusiasts and everything in between.  It’s time to end the media favorite thing to say “Pole dancing is not what you think anymore…”  Let’s have them instead see and say, pole dancing is for everyone and every form of pole dancing is acceptable.  Only we have the power to change our narrative with the world.  We encourage you to join us in this movement.  


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