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Wrist Protection Product for Pole Dancers

news2-54 Photobucket Kelley, creator and owner of Strength Wraps, might not have had pole dancing in mind, but they sure do come in handy according to Alethea Austin, “I have been using this product called StrengthWraps All summer and Love it!! You can adjust it to make it tighter or looser just by twisting, and it is a soft fabric that does not interfere with Pole.” Strength Wraps are originally a cross fit training tool. Click here to take at look at Strength Wraps! On the other hand, Shannon, owner of Vertical Swag, did have pole dancers in mind when creating Wrist Wraps. Shannon has been pole dancing since January 2011 and another pole’r Leen Isabel says, “I love Vertical Swag! I’ve been using my wrist wraps since the 2012 Pole Convention where I met Shannon, the creator of these products. Since I type all day, draw all day and pole all night, it’s no surprise that my wrist takes a beating. These wraps are cute to wear and has helped me so much in pole class! They give me enough support and over time, I’ve felt relief in my wrist joints with constant wear.” Take a look at Wrist Wraps here! Enter to win Leen Isabel’s raffle for a set of free Wrist Wraps! Click here to enter!

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