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Written by Kerry Hearne aka Mother of Dallas Dee


“How’s the family?”

“Great! Greg changed jobs recently. Much happier and the commute is much shorter.”

“What are the kids up to?”

“Well Chris and James both finished their trades. They are doing really well. Dallas got her degree and her masters, but decided pole dancing was what she really wanted to do. She has opened her own studio!”

“Errrr… Really? Pole dancing? Ummmm….   How do you feel about that? I mean, she seemed so sweet and smart and ambitious and….   Well she was always the quiet one. What happened?”

In the past I would have immediately launched into a well-practised defence of what was initially a hobby but had now become my daughter’s passion and chosen career.

“Oh, it’s not what you think! It’s a fitness thing!” I would say. “She’s not a stripper! They have to wear skimpy outfits! Pole dancers aren’t hookers!”

These days I just smile and invite them to visit the studio or maybe come and watch a performance.

My daughter doesn’t just teach forward hooks or spinning climbs or dead lifts or iron crosses. She doesn’t just concentrate on superhuman fitness and core strength moves or flexibility beyond what most humans would ever think possible.   There is much, much more that goes on in that studio.

Almost without exception, new students walk through the door near-paralysed with nerves and insecurities. I’m too skinny, fat, old, unfit, flabby or uncoordinated. I can’t dance, I’m not strong, they are all pretty, I’m shy and I’m regretting this already!   All pole dancers know these feelings. They have all been there.

Here’s the thing. My daughter doesn’t just teach pole dancing. Everyone at her studio experiences friendship and support and encouragement. They give it and they receive it by the trailer load from instructors and from each other. It’s about loving the body you have and celebrating the amazing things that you can do with it. It’s about laughing and sharing and achieving and it’s also about helping and listening and handing over a tissue or two from time to time.

Pole dancing will never make my daughter rich or famous. It has however made her a more generous, compassionate and insightful person who has the very good fortune of doing what she loves to do every single day.

Yes – My daughter is a pole dancer….. and I couldn’t be more proud of her.


Kerry & Dallas aka Mothers & Daughter


Kerry Hearne

Mother of Dallas Dee

Owner of ShowPony Pole and Burlesque

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