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Zimbabwe’s most popular pole dancer, Bev, has quit the pole dance business after claiming that she has found god. According to Mafaro, Bev started attending Prophetic Healing Deliverance where Ministries Prophet Walter Magaya told her that he would buy her a store to manage so she didn’t have to dance anymore. Bev told Mafarao, “I cried because I never expected that from a man of God,” Bev’s dance group, Sexy Angels will keep the name and continue their performances. Bev’s manager, Harpers Mapimhidze, says “We have a girl that we have identified to replace Bev as the leader of the Sexy Angels. We are still grooming her to lead the group and she will be unveiled soon,” Mapimhidze went on to say, “Three quarters of the stories in the Press were negative. Each week was a different thing even towards the end of the year. One week it was Bev strips, Bev slaps fan and so on. I knew sooner rather than later she would be saved.” Mapimhidze says that he is a devout Christian and played a large role in Bev being saved as he was the one who introduced her to the church. ” It did not come as a surprise that she is now saved. I am happy for her.”

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